Food is not the enemy. Food is used as fuel for our bodies to function. Food is how you see it. You can enjoy food and see it as nourishment, OR you can see it as an enemy that makes you fat. Starvation will only make you fatter. Look at retired models. The ones who […]

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Post Pregnancy Weight and Phen24

Gaining weight during and after pregnancy is common. But, what worries a woman is the ‘after pregnancy weight’ that refuses to shed away. Being a mother is a tough job and the ‘extra baggage’ just keeps on adding. Of course, there is too much of eating in odd times and nil exercise. A new mommy […]

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Easy Breezy Weight Loss Tips

All girls who believe that dieting is so much more difficult than math, raise your right hands please. I’d be struck by lightning if I don’t get 95% of hands raised at this notion. This is not only because women generally find math as a difficult subject but because dieting or weight loss is actually […]

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Fit For A Healthy Lifestyle?

Back when I was in my twenties I took up rock climbing. There was no big decision. I just kind of drifted into it. I’d been more into martial arts in my teens, worked my way through the different belts, then a climbing wall was added to a local community sports center. I was invited […]

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PhenQ Scam

PhenQ is nothing short of a miracle when it comes to solving the problems of people who had been trying to lose weight for a very long time. It has proven to be really effective for loads of people all across the world, and hence has gathered a formidable reputation for itself. Not only users, […]

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Effective Weight Loss Solutions For Women

It is perhaps ironic that society places more pressure on women to lose weight even though it is harder for them to physiologically do so.  This is why finding effective weight loss solutions for women is such an in demand commodity.  Society needs to realize that exercise regimens have to cater to a woman’s specific […]

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Exercise Equipment

Exercising should be done regularly in order to keep the body healthy and live an active lifestyle. People can opt to make their own home gym by purchasing equipments online and setting it up in their place. This will prevent time constraints and laziness of getting out of the house and entering a gym. It […]

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Negative Calorie Foods that Burn Fat

There are several key foods to eat for weight loss.  Certain types of foods sometimes called negative calorie or fat burning foods, use more calories to digest then they contain or help to raise the metabolism which in turn helps to burn fat.  All of these fat fighting foods are taken from natural sources so […]

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Rapid Weight Loss Diets

The best diet plan for rapid weight loss diets is the one that you create for yourself.  Its one part help from your doctor, one part help from your nutritionist, and one part help from your exercise coach.  You supply the motivation and hard work and vision to create the plan thats just right for […]

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New Diet

When it comes to a new diet, what do you look for in a weight loss plan?  Instant gratification in your new diet?  (Thats probably why rich people think of liposuction!) Or when you are looking for a new diet, are you in it for the long haul?  There are so many considerations in a […]

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