Easy Breezy Weight Loss Tips

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All girls who believe that dieting is so much more difficult than math, raise your right hands please. I’d be struck by lightning if I don’t get 95% of hands raised at this notion. This is not only because women generally find math as a difficult subject but because dieting or weight loss is actually a difficult ordeal which is not that easy to love at all. Imagine counting calories for every piece of food that goes into your stomach, waking up early in the morning to exercise, not being able to enjoy your favorite ice cream, and saying no to your favorite cake. These are just a few things that make weight loss difficult and there are so much more on the list.

But what if there are ways to make things just a tad easier, would you not want to know? For everyone out there who thinks trying to lose weight could not be easy breezy and enjoyable, read ahead and try these tips:

Enjoy every bite instead of measuring it

Instead of figuring out ways on how to reduce your food intake, try to substitute it with food which are rich in fiber or have higher water content. Chew slowly and enjoy each bite. If you feel like you have been eating for a long time, you will eventually feel like you are already satisfied.

Engage in shorter and more demanding workouts instead of longer cardio workouts

Cardio vascular workouts usually demand too much time from you. However, if you engage in heavy resistance trainings for shorter periods, you can burn as much calories for shorter period and you can do more reps and burn more calories.

Eat food in proportion instead of calculating RDA

Stop calculating fat, sugar, and calorie percentages. This is not only time consuming but depressing. You can still eat the foods that you like from time to time but make sure you consume them in smaller portions.

Have another person or a form of technology to manage your diet

Hire a trainer or weight loss manager who will monitor your progress. If you do not have the resources for this, use an exercise diary and an excel sheet with formulas so all you have to do is input data and watch for results.