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Our city is known for its barbeque, hot humid summer days, torrential downpours, and the many methods employed to lose weight or get in shape. Our show is dedicated to showcasing these different methods.

We are looking for the very best personal trainers, Pilates instructors. spin instructors, boot campers, Cross-fitters, and fitness professionals in the city.

All ages and types are welcome. Having experience is not as important as a distinct personality that your clients know while using unique approaches to keep them fit.

Please take a minute to complete our form and we will contact you directly with more information.

Are you a Trainer? Fill out the Trainer Application Form.

Houston often gets labeled as one of the fattest cities in America. We are dedicated to changing that. We seek highly motivated clients for free training. Must be willing to have your training filmed and broadcast. If your goal is to is to lose 100 lbs., lose 20 lbs., slim down for your wedding, run your first marathon, conquer a medical condition, get your bikini body back, or others – and have a story to tell – you are the perfect client for us. We look to create a medium that Houstonians will enjoy, trust, and commit to building their best life yet!

Are you a Client? Fill out the Client Application Form.

In the application form we ask you questions and ask you to upload a photo of yourself along with a link to a Youtube video telling us why you want to be on the Houston Fit Reality Show. We want to hear your voice, see your physique, and get a feel for your distinct personality.