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Food is not the enemy. Food is used as fuel for our bodies to function. Food is how you see it. You can enjoy food and see it as nourishment, OR you can see it as an enemy that makes you fat. Starvation will only make you fatter.

Look at retired models. The ones who really took care of themselves stayed thinner. The ones who starved by throwing up or by eating one cracker a day blew up to be unrecognizable. Why? They had lost water and muscle when they starved for most of their modeling career. Muscle is needed to give our bodies shape and also to burn fat. Water, too, is needed to help get rid of fat.

Many models are shaped like hangers. They are so tall and gaunt that they are used to hang the clothes on their skeletons and model them. Our society has a distorted view of beauty.

If you are going to start a fitness program, eating is a huge part of it. Your body has to be fed so youll have the energy to exercise it. If you go into any bookstore after Christmas, youll see numerous diet books on display at the front of the store. Why so many? Because people try this diet and that diet and do not stick with it.

Moderation is best. Deprivation leads to gorging. One has to find a way of eating that works for their body. Then, make it a part of their a lifestyle.

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You can become creative and use several ideas either from books that allow you to actually eat, or you can come up with a way of eating that is gratifying for you, does not put extra pounds, or deprive you so much that youre too weak to move.

Remember, you are in charge of your fitness. Eating is the biggest part of getting the pounds off, but you have to figure an eating plan that is balanced for you. I will be glad to help in any way I can. You can reach me at [email protected]

Most books today teach the same way of eating. Do not eat too many bad carbohydrates such as pasta, bread, donuts, or anything that digests too quickly. Eat fruits, meats, and a little fat is recommended.