Post Pregnancy Weight and Phen24

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Gaining weight during and after pregnancy is common. But, what worries a woman is the ‘after pregnancy weight’ that refuses to shed away. Being a mother is a tough job and the ‘extra baggage’ just keeps on adding. Of course, there is too much of eating in odd times and nil exercise. A new mommy can’t be blamed because juggling too many things at the same time results in putting the weight concerns behind. Bringing up a baby is no child’s play.

There are two types of women; one- those who lose weight drastically during nursing period and two- the opposite of one. Well, blessed are those who fall under the first category. Article source : Unfortunately, gene is what decides this. Women were genetically designed to be plumper and round during nursing because; the baby needs to be fed nutritiously. So, this simply means women who belong to group one have a DNA malfunction.

Phen24 during breast feeding is a complete NO-NO.  (infact you cannot take any weight loss supplements!) You can wait till you wean your child and then take up Phen24 slimming pills. There are millions of women in the US alone who have taken these pills and lost their post pregnancy weight. But, since a woman’s body goes through a lot of changes during and after pregnancy, it is very important that you get doctor’s approval before starting on it. One more thing that is expected from you is, to follow the instruction to the T and never take extra pills even if you skip them.

As your body was nourished well for almost 2 years, this might shock the system and you might feel some side effects. Mild side effects mentioned are normal but, if you find them unmanageable, it is best to discontinue and see a physician immediately. Drink lots of water so that you don’t feel dehydrated. Combine very mild exercise and very healthy foods like fresh fruits, vegetable, nuts and even meat while on Phen24.