Rapid Weight Loss Diets

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The best diet plan for rapid weight loss diets is the one that you create for yourself.  Its one part help from your doctor, one part help from your nutritionist, and one part help from your exercise coach.  You supply the motivation and hard work and vision to create the plan thats just right for you. Do you need to lose 5 lbs, 50 lbs, or 100 lbs? What type of diet are you interested in? Are you going to take to Walk Weight Off 100 lbs Challenge?

Do you have a flood of information?  Are you having a tough time deciding what the best rapid weight loss diets plan for you might be?  Heres a suggested course of action:

Start with your doctor or medical professional.  Get a thorough check up.  Bring a new journal with you and log the date and your health statistics.  Height, weight, age, blood pressure, and any relevant information.

Discuss your current health situation and your health goals with your doctor or health professional to chart a course of action.

Lay out your goals.  Is your blood pressure and blood sugar within a healthy range?  Do you have any health factors that need to be addressed by weight loss or medication?  Just like you wouldnt take your car cross country without checking the oil and tires, dont embark on a new diet and exercise plan without getting checked out by a professional.

Hows your fuel intake?  Just like a fine automobile, youll run better on the right fuel.  Have you been eating the nutrition thats best for you?  Take out your journal and log everything you eat and drink for a week, with a note of how you felt and what your motivation was for eating.  Note the time and where you ate.  Getting to know your current habits is key to deciding what needs to be adjusted for the rapid weight loss diets best diet plan.  Be sure to include exercise, to the best of your abilities.  One really great exercise is to walk weight off.

A picture is worth a thousand words.  Find a place where you can take a private full length picutre of yourself.  If possible, wear a two piece bathing suit, or something revealing.  Paste the picture in your journal. Take your measurements.  To keep it simple you might take only one measurement, your waist.  Your best diet plan will include a goal not only of health measurements like cholesterol level, blood sugar and blood pressure, itll include some measurements.  Make note of your measurements in your journal.

After youve kept your food log for a week its time to enlist the help of a professional in the nutrition field.  Your doctors office may have a nutritionist on staff, or be able to recommend one.  Its good to start with a professionals help.  You might also consider professional help from a well known weight loss group or a nurse.

Make note of your exercise, or lack thereof.  Talk to your doctor about your activity level, and agree on a plan for the next eight weeks.  Talk to your doctor about your plan to walk weight off.  Following up with your doctor every other month, or more if suggested by your doctor, will help you keep on track and make any modifications necessary.

Time to tie motivation into your rapid weight loss diets best diet plan.  Make a list in your journal and answer these questions:  I need to improve my health because  And then state your reasons.  And then, the big question what will you do to change your life?  Make a list of your goals, whether its lowered cholesterol, lowered blood pressure, reduce or cure sleep apnea, reduce your risk of heart attack, feel better, look better, live longer, etc.  Now make an action plan.  Start with one thing you want to stop doing, and on thing you want to start doing.  Have you ever had the experience that you tried a great big new plan and lost weight and improved your health only to revert to where you started from?  If the answer to this is yes, you could benefit by learning some new habits.  This isnt easy, it takes time, patience, and repetition.  Substituting a good health habit for a poor one will ease the transition youre making with a new lifestyle, and be more likely to stay in your concience when youre making decisions about nutrition, food intake, and exercise.  A great exercise to start with is walking, you can reall walk weight off!  Do you have 100 lbs or more to lose?  Take the Walk Weight Off 100 lb Challenge!.  When youre looking at your exercise plan, youll need to be honest with yourself about your level of exercise currently.  This is a good area to discuss with your physician and exercise and fitness trailer.  The best diet plan for your will include exercise at an appropriate level.