Trainer Application

person adminaccess_time July 10, 2017

HOUSTON FiT is a sexy, funny, competitive and informative television series that will help Houstonians live healthier lifestyles while showcasing all the great things about our city. The show will feature 10-15 trainers, each with clients — keystone clients and milestone clients. Keystone clients are people who need to completely alter their lifestyle. The way they eat. The way they move. The way they think. Milestone clients are more versatile. They may have a goal to get physically fit for a specific life event, or they may want to simply look their best for a very special occasion. All milestone clients will have different goals they are trying to reach. The show will also feature lifestyle experts — dieticians, physicians, and therapists — to add another dynamic to the show and to prove that fitness is a result of hard work in the mind, body, and spirit.